T2 2.0 motors-problēma !

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T2 2.0 motors-problēma !

Post by PowerMeower » 25 Aug 2010 22:38

Sigis no LT lūdz palīdzību-
Hi, for technical assistance. Constructing 2.0-liter air-cooled engine, but after the repair, as well as before the result was not achieved. When the engine is cold and is trying to open it, which is 15-20 seconds the oil pressure, then pressure is already there and starting the engine throughout the day, the pressure is good. I can not find the problem, the engine is fully restored by the restoration problem was the same. Polished engine crankshaft, replace all bearings, oil pump seems fine, oil pressure, when it occurs on a cold 3.5 b, 1.0 b on a warm, if anyone has encountered this problem please help.


Varbūt kāds var līdzēt???

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